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Vol. 1, No. 2, 1 September 2009, Hlm. 28 - 38
ISSN: 2085-3106

Pengaruh Reward System, Motivasi Berprestasidan Budaya Akademik terhadap Produktivitas Dosen dalam Penelitian

R. Wasisto Ruswidiono

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This Research examines the effect of Reward System, Achievement Motivation, and Academic Culture toward Productivity of Lectures in Research. Data were collected using questioner. The questioners distributed to the full time lecturers at STIE Trisakti, STMT Trisakti, and STP Trisakti who choosen randomly. Likert Scale is used and analysed by using regression technique. The results of hypotheses testing by using simple regression and multiple regression showed that:  only Academic Culture  affects Productivity of Lecturer in Research. On the other hand, Reward System and Achieve-ment Motivation do not affect the Productivity of Lecturers in Research. Direct observation to research problem shows that Academic Culture affects Productivity of Lecturers in Research. Full time lectures will increase their productivities hand in hand with the development and growth of ‘Scientific Culture’ in universities and it is called by Academic Culture. For future research, it is suggested that much more variables should be involved, and the sum of the subject respondents should be enlarged to participate in it. Besides, it will much better, if the state universities as well as private have chance to participate in this research.

Keywords: Reward System, Achievement Motivation and Academic Culture, Productivity of Lectures in Research.

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