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International Class

Accounting program is available in both regular and international classes. International class is a distinctive class using English as the language.
By participating in this program, the student will receive the following benefits:

  • Able to develop communication and presentation skills in English.
  • Have the opportunity to interact with lecturers and fellows more intensively in the classroom with a capacity of about 20 students.
  • Have the opportunity to use the laboratory facilities.
  • Study in classrooms equipped with multimedia technology.
  • Get priority for being an assistant lecturer with specific criteria.
  • Get priority to participate in the internship program and job placement through the Career Development Centre.
  • Obtain a certificate that lists the courses you have taken in English.
  • Obtain a priority in the credit transfer program abroad

Students can join the program if they meet the following requirements:

  • The English Proficiency Test (EPT) of at least 450.
  • Passed interview held TSM.

And must maintain:

  • Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.00.
  • The minimum score of B in English I and II.

The learning process in this class is using active learning methods, the learning process that focuses on student activeness.
The teaching methods are:

  • Presentation of the case from internet or text book
  • Discussion groups to discuss exercises
  • Individual and team work
  • Quiz
  • Mid test and Final test

The evaluation system in this program emphasizes on the learning process, such as student’s participation of in discussions, presentations, assignments, etc. The learning process gets the highest proportion in determining student’s final score.
The score composition is:

  • Presentation (10%)
  • Task (10%)
  • Quiz (10%)
  • Participation (10%)
  • UTS (30%) - Theory and case
  • UAS (30%) - Theory and case

Every student who joined international class is expected to have a remarkable achievement. Thus, at the end of semester, international class students should:

  • Achieve GPA of at least 3,00

If the GPA is less than 3,00, the students are given the opportunity to achieve these criteria on the next semester.

  • EPT score of at least 500 at the end of the study.

Students who join the international class will take the following subjects in English:

  • Accounting Principle I
  • Accounting Principle II
  • Business
  • Marketing Management
  • Management Accounting I
  • Management Accounting II
  • Intermediate Accounting I
  • Intermediate Accounting II
  • Accounting Information Systems I
  • Accounting Information Systems II
  • Financial Management
  • Advanced Financial Management
  • Advanced Accounting I
  • Advanced Accounting II
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Auditing I
  • Auditing II
  • Seminar in Research
  • Accounting Theory
  • Mini thesis

International class students are prioritized in credit transfer program abroad. One program that has been running is a credit transfer program for 6 months to Burapha University International College (BUUIC), one of the leading public universities in Thailand. Requirements for students who want to join the credit transfer program are as follows:

  • International class students are preferable
  • Minimum GPA of 3.00
  • EPT score of at least 500

After following the credit transfer program, students will receive a certificate indicating that they had joined credit transfer program and also their study results at BUUIC. These can be used as value-added thing for applying both regional and international jobs.