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International Class

International Class is an excellent class organized and conducted in English.

The objective of this program is to prepare the students to deal with global challenges, particularly competition in employment world, among others by improving their skill in communication and presentation in English.

Below are among the benefits from taking this program:

  1. To enable the students to communicate and do presentation in English.
  2. To give the students the opportunity to interact more intensively with the lecturers and their peers in a class consisting op maximum 20 students.
  3. To give the students the opportunity to utilize the laboratories.
  4. The lectures are held in multimedia technology-equipped classrooms.
  5. To give the students the priority to become assistant-lecturers upon completion of the designated criteria.
  6. To give the students the priority to be involved in apprenticeship program and job placement through Career Center.
  7. To give the students the certificates indicating the subjects taken in English.

The students may get involved in this program if they have fulfilled the following criteria:

  1. Fill in the application form and return the same to the Chairman or Secretary of Department.
  2. Minimum Score of English proficiency Test (EPT) is 450.
  3. Pass the interview conducted by TSM.

And manage to maintain their achievement:

  1. Minimum Grade Point Average (IPK) 3.00.
  2. Minimum grade of English I and II is B.

The learning process used in this program is active learning method giving emphasis on the students' active participation.

The teaching methods used are as follows:

  • Presentations of cases from internets or textbooks
  • Group discussions to discuss questions and problems
  • Individual and group assignments

·   Quiz

·   Mid and Final Term Examinations

The evaluation system employed in this program is to put the emphasis on the learning process, such as the students' active participation in discussions, presentations, assignments, etc. Higher portion of evaluation is given to the learning process.

The composition as follows:

  • Presentation
: 10%  
  • Assignment
: 10%  
  • Quiz
: 10%  
  • Participation
: 10%  
  • Mid-Term Examination
: 30% } Materials of examination: Theory and Cases
  • Final Term Examination
: 30%

It is expected that every student involved in this program attain satisfactory and excellent achievement. As such, evaluation of international class study program is conducted as follows:

·   the minimum GPA achieved in each semester is 3,00.
Unless the GPA has been achieved, the students should be given another semester to do so

·    Minimum score of EPT is 500 when completing the study