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Facilities at the TSM library consist of:

  1. The Collection Room
    TSM library provides a room with a collection of open access to the user. The collection room consists of rows of shelves with collection of textbook, The reference collections, journals, magazines, and newspapers.
  2. The Reading Room
    TSM library provides a reading room that is wide enough concept merges with the rack collection so that users can perform search activity the collection and read simultaneously in the area around the collection and reading room. TSM library reading room is divided into three types based on their usefulness as follow:
    1. the reading room partitioned tables and chairs that can be used by users who want to read or learn individually and private,
    2. the reading room with a table and chairs without a bulkhead that can be used by users who want to learn or perform a discussion together with the open atmosphere or can also be used for users who want to read or learn individually in an open area with sharing places each other
    3. sitting on the floor reading room that can be used by users who want to read, learn and discuss with carpeted sitting.
  3. The Open Discussion room
    TSM library provides an open discussion room that could be used by all users. In this discussion space available two (2) groups of tables and chairs that can be used by users who want to perform learning activities and group discussions.
  4. The Data Center room
    Data center room located in room 707 is one of the facilities that specialize in providing facilities mulltimedia to support the academic society TSM as the use of computers for Internet-connected data processing, e-science journal articles, online journal databases, e-paper, e proceedings, as well as financial statement data of listed companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange. Facilities available in the Data Center consists of:
    • 16 computers connected to the Internet
    • 4 computer data provider of financial statements of listed companies on the Stock Exchange, e-scholarly journal articles, e-proceedings
    • 5 computer data provider of digital paper (e-paper)
  5. Gallery Investment BEI-KDB Daewoo Securities
    Gallery Investment Indonesia Stock Exchange STIE Trisakti is a facility that is equipped with 2 units of computers connected directly to the Stock Exchange that provide data companies listed on the Stock Exchange in a few years ago up to the date and information on the Indonesia Stock Exchange can be obtained directly (real time) as well as a variety of magazines and books relating to the shares or other securities. Investment gallery which opened to students in particular and to the general, cooperated with KDB Daewoo Securities.
  6. Computer OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)
    OPAC computers as a means to seek information about the collections of the library.
  7. Locker (daycare bag)
    There are 60 lockers for storage of bags or items that users are not allowed to be brought into the library.
  8. CCTV cameras
    CCTV cameras installed in several areas in the TSM Library for security and surveillance.
  9. Internet Access
    Users can access the Internet using a computer that has been available in the data center room and hotspot / wifi in all areas TSM Library.
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