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Library's History

STIE Trisakti’s library was established along with the foundation of the STIE Trisakti- formerly the Akademi Akuntansi Trisakti (AAT)- in 1974. This library serves as a teaching and learning support. The library’s name has changed in accordance with the changes of STIE Trisakti’s name, which is Library of Akademi Akuntansi Trisakti in 1985, and the Library of STIE Trisakti in 1993.
Due to globalization, STIE Trisakti is directed to enter the international world. Hence, Trisakti School of Management, abbreviated to TSM, is used as Co-Branding of STIE Trisakti. Since then, the name of this library changes into the Trisakti School Management Library (TSM Library).

In 2001 the library automation began with the operation of the library information system SIPISIS and Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) WIN ISIS-based database developed by IPB. Starting in September 2010, the library has applied an automation system using OSS-based Senayan Library Management System (Open Source Software). The library function is also growing, not only for supporting learning and teaching process but also supporting research and community services for the TSM academic community.

As the knowledge center of TSM, the library continuously develops a wide range of modern service system that is able to meet the information needs of the entire TSM academic community and the community. It is characterized by a variety of concrete steps that lead to both physical and non-physical changes. Physical change can be seen from a thorough renovation of the Library in order to create a more comfortable and modern atmosphere. Non-physical changes can be seen from the provision of OPAC and digital collections of libraries that can be accessed by TSM library users online.

TSM library of is located on the 7th floor, ± 695 m2. A serious concern from TSM’s board of directors and the loyalty from all library staffs deliver the TSM library into a library that is able to create the spirit of learning for the academic community.

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